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We prefer small groups, big adventures. Please note the maximum riders on any tour is 6 people (average group size is just 5 people), so you’ll always get plenty of opportunity to interact with your guide who will takes you along the best sites in town 🙂

If you would like to book for a group larger than 6, or if you would like the option of a private tour, please email us at

All our tours start and end at our shop in Av. Arequipa 5031. Miraflores. (INKA PLAZA # 236) Just 3 blocks away from Kennedy Park.

* We recommend you to book your tour in advance *


Hard to imagine but there are more than 24 clay pyramids that sit right in the middle of Lima and surrounding districts. In our tour you’ll pass by La Huaca Pucllana, an impressive pre-incan archaeological site, enjoying the ambiance, birdwatching a turpirilin or cuculí birds, shopping streets, parks and architecture. We’ll keep cycling through Barranco, the most romantic and bohemian district out of the 43 districts in Lima. Home to many of Peru’s famous artists, photographers, musicians and designers. You’ll notice vibrant street art culture here, along with houses painted in bright and lively colors. Back in the 19th century, this area was known for its fashionable and aristocratic crowd. The legend is that if you can cross the entire length of The Bridge of Sighs or Puente de los Suspiros without taking a breath you can make a wish that will be granted.

This tour is more than biking safe with us, it could be a relaxing and fun time between your itinerary  and what to see in Lima.

Departures: Thursday to Sunday at 14:45 hrs.

Distance: 14 Kms approx.    Level: easy & fun.    Duration: 2.5 hours

Includes: Local guide, bicycle, helmet, bottle of water + ice cream or peruvian coffee.

Price: US$ 29.90



This adventure bike tour is meant to anyone who likes physical activity!

This is the perfect way to be active and sweat the extra calories as well as discovering the diversity of Lima behind its touristic facades where we will show you a unique look at the local life and hidden gems within and around the touristic areas on two wheels.

You will meet your guide and small group in our centrally located bike shop and receive all necessary equipment. From there, you’ll start a wonderful ride in which you’ll have an amazing time on a bike. Enjoy the Pacific Ocean, check out the surf, eat the food, make a wish on the Bridge of Sights and finally hike to the top of El Morro Solar Hill where you will get a 360 degree view of the “City of Kings”. Unlike standard bike tours of the city, you won’t simply be learning about Lima, you’ll be living it too.

This friendly bicycle tour plus hiking can be your best unforgettable adventure passing thru Miraflores, Barranco and Chorrillos districts. Before the end, we will stop in a local restaurant for one refreshment included in your tour.

Please keep in mind that we will need to carry our bikes for some stairs and note the maximum riders on tour is 6 people (average group size is 5 people), so you’ll always get plenty of opportunity to interact with your local guide.

Departures: Thursday to Saturday at 9:30 AM; Sundays at 10AM

Distance: 20 Kms approx.    Level: Moderate     Duration: 3 hours

Includes: Local guide, bicycle, helmet, bottle of water + refreshment.

Price: US$ 34.90


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