Rent a bike


1. Choose your bike

2. Call or Order online

3. Pick it up at our shop

All Rental rates include a helmet, lock and map of attractions!

* Booking online minimum 3 hours. To show ID or Passport is required *

Cruiser bikes:

Cruisers are popular amongst casual bicyclists and vacationers Because They are very stable and easy to ride.

Premium  bikes:

The Expedition made by Specialized Co. is a comfortable bike for city touring. Lightaluminum frame, front shocks and seven gears.

Oxford Capital

With the Capital model by Oxford Co. you will enjoy the city! with the aluminum frame and 7 gears shimano revolshift your ride will be safe and fast.

Designed by Giant Bicycles, Momentum is a stylish and elegancy bike for a comfortable ride.

Designed by Japanese brand KHS Bicycles, the TC-150 is a fresh lifestyle bike that combine function and fun. Enjoy it!

Roll bike

The ROLL made by Specialized Co. has a relaxed upright seating, the saddle is plushly padded, the pedals are big, grippy platforms, and the gearing is very wide


3 Hour: $ 9 usd (S/ 30)

4 hours: $ 11 usd (S/ 35)book-now1Full Day:  $ 15 usd (S/ 50)book-now1


Accesories included:


new electric scooter for sale!


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