Lima Bike rentals & tours: Feel the Spirit of Adventure on two wheels in the heart of Miraflores

lima bike logo_3Lima Bike rental & tours is located in Av. Arequipa 5031. Miraflores, shop # 183 inside Inka Plaza, just a few steps from Parque Kennedy and 2 blocks from El Ovalo!

We want to show you a look of the local life within and around the touristic areas of Lima. Explore various neighborhoods and streets with their own unique stories to tell, enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, keep cycling along the beach and take in the beauty of the sea, immerse yourself into the highlights of Barranco or pedal up to the top of El Morro and ensures spectacular views of Lima Bay. Finally stop off at a local market or restaurant for one empanada with chicha morada drink. We are the alternative bike tour of Lima… alternative sights, local secrets and interactive fun experiences!



Discover the diversity of Lima behind its touristic facades with one of our friendly tours on two wheels! Unlike with standard bike tours of the city, you won’t simply be learning about Lima, you’ll be living it too… We’re not about fixed itineraries and reciting facts to you which you could read in a guidebook, we’re about going on adventures revealing parts of the city which many locals don’t even know about!

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Enjoy the freedom to explore modern Miraflores, bohemian Barranco or residential San Isidro and much more at your own pace. Our self guided tours allow you the opportunity to linger at a favorite location, or move on to the next stop. Take advantage of Lima Bike’s customized map complete with our favourite cycling routes and historic attractions along Lima city.

In the bike hire in Miraflores there is a wide choice of bicycles, for men and women, that allow you discover the best spots in town, but we have for you the best bikes and equipment for every type of city explorer. Our bikes brands are Giant, Specialized, Oxford and KHS.

Experience the joy of happiness exploring Lima on your own by taking a cycle route that meets your personal interests.

Rent a PREMIUM bike with reasonable prices:

3 Hour: $ 9 usd (30 soles)

4 Hours: $ 11 usd (35 soles)

Full Day: $ 15 usd (50 soles)

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